I love to travel. Like many of you, I've been looking forward to planning that next great escapade in this gorgeous world of ours. Unfortunately, many trips and summer plans have altered, put on hold, or completely cancelled as we walk through this unprecedented pandemic experience--at least in our lifetimes.

Many of my very happiest memories involve travel. It allows us to literally explore new horizons, of course. But one of my favorite things about it, is how it seems to broaden my metaphorical horizons, too. Spending time in new locations, seeing new faces and places, hearing the words of a different language, and even eating regional cuisine seems to have an effect on my mind and on my understanding of what is possible. So, to say I'm missing the opportunity to freely roam as I wish would be an understatement.

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More than ever, I'm grateful for the gift of social media. I'm thankful we can connect with family and loved ones that we've not been able to visit in person for awhile. I'm thankful we can find ways to creatively work from home, even as we begin the process of returning to the office. And I am beyond grateful that technology allows us to find ways to virtually take a journey to some of the beautiful places in the world we can't visit in person right now.

One Instagram account I've fallen in love with is called Travelling Through The World. It's a travel website that offers the viewer a collection of breathtakingly epic photos, as well as some photo filters you can grab. Since many of us feel a little bit stir crazy, perhaps we all need to grab a cup of our favorite beverage, kick back, and take a virtual vacation to some of the most stunningly beautiful places on earth.

You ready? Let's go:

Come Take a Virtual Tour of The World with Me

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