After one of the groups participating in the most recent St. Patrick's Day Parade in Forth Worth, Texas opted to fly the Confederate Flag, the people in charge of the Stockyards have officially banned it from flying, henceforth.

One of the groups who marched in the most recent St. Patrick's Day Parade, 'Fort Worth Goes Green,' held at the Fort Worth Stockyards decided to fly the Confederate Flag. As a result, the flag has now been banned from flying at any of the events from now on.

WFAA out of DFW reports that:

"Two camps of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Texas Division were part of the parade, waving and handing out confederate flags to onlookers."

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Some of the parade attendees were allegedly surprised to see the polarizing flag flying at the 'Fort Worth Goes Green' parade that took place during the most recent St. Patrick's Day weekend parade, according to WFAA.

One of the members of the aforementioned group was Joe "Festus" Allcock, camp commander of R.E. Lee Camp #239. In a video shared online, Allcock, said "this was their first year at the parade, and they had only recently discovered it."

Allcock also said one lady affiliated with the parade at the Fort Worth Stockyards with whom he spoke was  "more than happy to have [them.]"

In the video as the group in question went by, flying the controversial Confederate battle flag, the parade announcer referred to the group as a:

"historical, patriotic and non-political organization," and that the group was "dedicated to ensuring that the true history of the 1861-1865 period is preserved."

Hmm. Yeah, you might see why that may have raised a few eyebrows for some of the parade onlookers.

Representatives of the Fort Worth Stockyards had this to say, in reference to the decision:

"We believe in the right of individuals and organizations to have diverse opinions and backgrounds, but do not condone the soliciting of propaganda or tolerate divisive symbols or flags of any kind," the statement reads. "The Fort Worth Stockyards is addressing the situation internally and will ensure moving forward, there will be no participation from organizations that detract from the goal of uniting the community for the purpose of the celebration or event."

Your thoughts?

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