The big cities get most of the love. Of course, Texas has a few of those. Houston, TX always has something cool going on, and Austin, TX, is among the fastest-growing cities in the country.

So we love seeing a tiny Texas town getting love.

A website has gone through and named America's Coolest Small Towns by State. And while Texas could certainly make an argument for at least a dozen, Far and Wide settled on one tiny town in the desert of West Texas as the recipient of the Lone Star State's honor.

Marfa, TX is one town that has seen more and more recognition from Texas musicians of late as well. From Far and Wide:

Deep in the heart of West Texas' desert landscape is a community filled with art. Marfa has been called an "art oasis" thanks to its impressive array of contemporary art centers and galleries.

The imaginative town is not far from Big Bend National Park, for those seeking inspiration. Just outside the town's borders is a platform for taking in mysterious orbs that light up the night sky, known as the Marfa Lights.

Among the must-see landmarks in Marfa, The Chinati Foundation displays huge indoor and outdoor installations on an old army base. And outside of town, there is a viewing "platform from which the mysterious orbs known as the “Marfa Lights” phenomenon can sometimes be seen."

Way to go, Marfa!

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