When I put my boots on, the first thing I think to myself is, "Dang, if I could roll in these, no one would be able to touch me on the dance floor." Most likely because I'd be skating in uneven circles, trying to keep my balance.

Dangerous Minds put forth a rather hostile article about the potential of this trend - obviously not in favor of the style. The author likened the cowboy boots on wheels to other atrocities such as the Cowboy Sandal Boots or the Basketball Shoe Cowboy Boots. Yeah.. those are both real too.

I just don't see this actually becoming a trend in the near future. Don't get me wrong! I'd love to see someone rocking these.

Hey, is that cowboy... is he gliding?

You've gotta admit... how suave would it be to glide past some ladies while tipping your hat. If you could move on these boots like these folks in the video below, more power to ya!

These boots are being made at Wayne's Western Wheels located in Walnut Springs, Texas. Their website is temporarily down for renovations but you can check out their wacky wheels on their Facebook page as well.

Don't forget to install LED lights! =D

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