Have you seen the video of one incredibly brave cat going head-on with a coyote who made its attack on a porch in Surfside Beach, Texas?

Disclaimer: Some who have lost a pet due to an animal attack may find this video a bit "too much," so please take note of who may be watching and make that choice accordingly.

You may have recently read the story we posted about increased coyote sightings here in Texas. If not, take a look so you'll be able to take the proper precautions.

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For those of us who love cats or any domestic animal, the idea of a coyote attacking them so close to home is the stuff of nightmares. I remember when my beloved cat, Ted, went missing several years ago, this was one of the recurring fears that continuing plagued me as I searched for him day after day after day.

Although my cat Ted wasn't killed by a coyote, we hear stories all the time about a scenario such as this one. However, it is a rare thing, indeed, to actually see footage of this nightmare playing out on captured video at someone's home.

The speed of movement and the absolute primal ferocity exhibited in this video is enough to cause even the most emotionally steady among us to gasp.

I can't even imagine how the pet's guardian who watched this video must've felt watching this for the first time--not knowing whether or not the cat would survive such an encounter.

Here's the video in its entirety posted by ABC News:

OMG. Even though I've watched it several times already, it still sends shivers up my spine. Especially closer to the very end.

Watching videos such as this may even inspire some to bring their pets inside full-time. When I lost my Ted, even though it wasn't a coyote that killed him, it definitely changed my perspective. Some people aren't able to do that, I know. But if you can, please consider bringing your little pets inside as often as you can--especially at night.

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