One thing about Texas is we are probably one of the most unpredictable states that I’ve ever lived in. You just never know what this huge, wonderful state is going to throw at you - good or bad. According to Fox26 Houston, another wild occurrence has happened. Furry friends are beginning to show their faces all over the city of Houston, Texas. When I say furry friends, I’m not talking about cute little puppies, I’m talking about wild coyotes. That’s right -  rip your face off like bubblegum coyotes.

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Of course, coyotes are an iconic breed of wildlife you normally associate with the outskirts of town or rural areas, but they do venture into towns and cities on occasion. The thing is, people are reportedly seeing more of them in Houston lately, and they appear to be more comfortable around humans.

It wouldn't really bother me if coyotes were around due to the fact that I’m a country girl, and I'm used to country things like that happening. However, it scares me that more coyotes in large numbers are coming out. It's not about them being seen - it’s about how casually they're doing it while looking folks in Houston right in the eye.


I don’t think I really need to have this conversation with grown adults who read my articles, but just in case, do not feed the coyotes.

Remember: coyotes are wild animals. They need to be in the wild so they can literally hunt and chase down rattlesnakes and other critters. Coyotes are not something you want to have as a family pet. (In fact, they'll eat your family pet if given the opportunity.) If you see a coyote, just turn around and head the other direction. I don’t care how cute they are or how fluffy they look, they are still wild animals. It's better to enjoy their howls from afar than see their teeth up close.

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