Those that work for Child Protective Services, or CPS, have a tough job. A part of that job could involve having to take someone's child away from them. A part of that job is helping a child to enter the foster care system. Its also a job that is constantly scrutinized and always arm chair quarterbacked. Seeing a story like this doesn't make the good workers for the government program job any easier.

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What Happened?

Houston mom of nine was having some issues with her 14-year-old daughter constantly running away and getting in trouble in school. The mother turned to CPS for some help. CPS was keeping the daughter at a hotel in Harris County. While the girl was under the supervision of CPS, she claimed that one worker was always telling her to become a prostitute to make money.

I can tell you how to hoe.

That quote can be heard in a video the 14-year-old girl secretly got during a conversation with the worker one day when she asked for some food.

In today's environment where human trafficking is a real and serious issue, this is unacceptable, especially from someone in this position.

The mother did file a complaint with CPS. Luckily, CPS took this issue very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that the head of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Jamie Masters, traveled from Austin to Houston to issue a personal apology for what happened.

What happened to the CPS worker?

That worker has been rightfully fired.

I feel badly for this Houston mother. All she wanted was some assistance to help keep her daughter from running away and getting into trouble at school. Instead, her daughter got a person who was basically encouraging running away and giving in to a life on the streets. Sickening story.

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