The Dallas Cowboys proved its 'America's Team' once again after suffering a very admirable, yet difficult 34-31 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The loss on Saturday put a halt to the Cinderella story that was the Dallas Cowboys in 2016-17.

While Cowboys fans suffered a blow to morale, the NFL was also sacked in regard to Super Bowl 51 ticket prices. Very shortly after Dallas was eliminated in the NFC Divisional Round, ticket prices dropped at an alarming rate.

According to ESPN, the least expensive ticket on StubHub fell from $4,195 to $3,349. You might be sitting there thinking, 'so what? That's still a lot of money for a ticket', but that's a price decrease of over 21%.

We could have expected all of Texas to make the drive to Houston for the Super Bowl, but that scenario doesn't make as much sense now that both Texas teams are out of the running (sorry for rubbing it in!).

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