We've all had those days. We get off work and have a drink to blow off a little steam. This Dallas personal injury lawyer took it a bit too far, though.

Irony? Yes.

Amy Witherite and her wife, Barbara, were in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Tuesday (August 8), and left their car with the valet service.

However, when they were finished with their night, they came out to find their car was not parked in front of the restaurant like they had requested.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Amy Witherite became irate. Amy punched the valet and then smashed a drink against another valet as seen in this video from CBS 11 in Dallas.

After this incident, the women crossed the street when Amy's wife, Barbara, tried to take a woman's purse, knocking her down, and took her cellphone saying she couldn't call police.

Obviously, both ladies were extremely intoxicated.

Amy Witherite told the Dallas Morning News, "I got upset at something I should have never gotten upset at. And it's on me. It started over something trivial, and I shouldn't have allowed it to happen."

She continued, "I'm going to try to handle this as responsibly as I can."

Both Amy and Barbara were arrested on three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of misdemeanor intervening with an emergency call.

Amy Witherite (left), Barbara Witherite (right) / CBSDFW via Youtube
Amy Witherite (left), Barbara Witherite (right) / CBSDFW via Youtube

This begs the question, she is a personal injury lawyer. Would she be representing herself in court? Things that make you go hmmmm.

Watch the full story from CBS 11 below.

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