Well, Christmas has come and gone. All of the egg nog is gone, the Christmas dinner is just left overs, and all of the presents are unwrapped. So, how did it go for you? Did you get everything that you wanted? 

Though written down or tallied in our head, we all have a gift wish list when Christmas starting sneaking up on us. Reading through the ads sent out in the mail, starting around Thanksgiving, we look at the great deals and new toys being sold. We start to let our daydreams wander to thoughts of, "I could use a new TV." or "That necklace would be so cute with this outfit." We give hints to those we expect will buy us a gift. Then Christmas morning comes and we find out whether we got that thing we decided we could not live without.

Sometimes when the paper comes ripping off, we are so very excited to see the packaging for that new toy we have been looking forward to. But, then there are the times this does not happen. The gift bag falls open to reveal a gift, but not the one you longed for all the holiday season.

You try to produce a smile and give your thanks, but deep down inside you are a little blue. Sure, getting a gift is great. Receiving something other than what your hopes and dreams were made of is very disappointing. This is suppose to be the season of loving and giving attitudes. We are suppose to be charitable and thankful for what we already are blessed with. Being blind to want and greed is one of the reasons for the season. Be honest, it still breaks your heart a little when your wish list gift doesn't end up under the tree.

For example, her is a video of some reactions to unwanted gifts.

These kids are more honest about their reactions than we as adults are required to be. Where they admit to being upset about a gift they do not like, we mind our manners and gives thanks not frowns.

So, here is your chance to be honest. Tell us, below, if you truly got what you wanting this Christmas.

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