It's June which means we are in the preheating stage of the East Texas summer. We know that those daily highs of 90 degrees, 95 degrees or even 100 degrees will become the norm. We know it's coming, we know how it feels, but yet we still have to remind everyone of the dangers of our summer heat. I'm going to write about the obvious no people or pets in your car. But, there are also some other things that should never be left in your car in Lindale, Texas, or anywhere in our area, because they could be ruined or turn downright dangerous in the East Texas heat.

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People and Pets

This goes without saying but never, EVER, leave a person, a child or a pet in a parked car with the windows up without the air conditioning going. Just as an example, on a mild summer day with a temperature of 85 degrees, within 30 minutes of sitting in the sun, the internal temperature can get to around 119 degrees. That's hot and very dangerous. On a 100 degree day, the internal temperature of your vehicle can reach 134 degrees in that same 30 minute window. The heat is no joke in East Texas. But despite all the warnings and all the facts that are handed out, we still hear of a tragic death of a child or adult that is killed because they were left in a hot car.

Items In Our Cars

As we do on a weekend, we will get out of the house and run some errands. That can be to do some shopping or get some supplies for the yard work you're doing or needing to fill the mower up to get the grass cut. All three of those examples could turn into an annoying or dangerous incident. For example, DO NOT leave any electronics in your vehicle. The heat can destroy the components inside making the device inoperable. DO NOT leave cleaning supplies or chemicals in your car as those could ignite. People do this so we have to say it, do not leave a gas can in your car as the high heat could ignite the gas.

East Texas Heat

The East Texas heat does not play around. If you have to be outside for any extended period of time, have water on hand to keep yourself hydrated. The water doesn't have to be cold, either. Be sure to take frequent breaks either inside in the air conditioning or in the shade. Wear long sleeves and pants, but make sure they are loose fitting, to protect your skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen when swimming and reapply it on a regular basis to protect your skin.

But most importantly, DO NOT LEAVE A PET, A CHILD OR ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IN A HOT CAR, that heat could easily kill any of them.

Do Not Leave These 16 Items in Your Car in the East Texas Heat

The heat in East Texas is no joke. We will regularly have days above 95 degrees which means that our cars can get up to 180 degrees or higher inside. That can turn into a dangerous situation if you leave certain things in your car.

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