Years ago, it used to be somewhat of a joke, when the dog chases the postal worker, but we are finding out that it’s still a huge hazard for postal workers here in Texas. It’s been made so many jokes on televisions shows or on movies, but the U.S. Postal Service recently released its annual dog bite rankings and Texas didn’t do very well on the list. 

Dog Bite

According to the annual report Texas is the 2nd worst state in the country when it comes to letter carriers being bitten by dogs. California is the only state in the country that ended up having more dog bites on postal workers. But Texas seems to be getting worse when it comes to dogs attacking USPS employees. In 2022, there were 404 incidents in Texas, and last year that number increased to 411. No one should have to go to work worrying about getting bitten by a dog.  

As Pet Owners in Texas, We Need to do Better 

These USPS employees should be able to complete their job without having to worry about being bitten by a dog. As pet owners in Texas, we need to be sure that our pets aren’t making it difficult for these employees.  

These Texas Cities are the Worst for Dog Bites to USPS Workers 

These specific Texas cities have the worst numbers when it comes to USPS employees being bitten while at work. Let’s do our part to make sure these numbers go down when we see this annual report next year.  

Texas Cities with Most Dog Bites According to USPS

According to the United States Postal Service here is a look at the Texas cities that have the most dog bites to their employees while on the job.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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