While it’s a little embarrassing to admit, I still get freaked out when I see a snake. But never in a million years would I call 911 if I saw a snake, especially living here in East Texas. It’s crazy that the Kilgore Police Department had to post online reminding people that when you see a snake it’s not something that you need to call 911 about.  

Most likely law enforcement will be too busy with real emergencies to respond to a call about a snake. Although they did release some information that can help you know whether you’re dealing with a venomous snake or not. While I am not a big fan of snakes, I also had no idea what to look for on a snake to see if they are venomous. Here is what they said to look out for if you stumble upon a snake. 

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Look for the Colors to Tell if a Snake is Venomous 

It’s as simple as a easy to remember saying, “Red on yellow, kill a fellow; Red on black, friend of Jack”. There were lots of comments after the Kilgore Police Department posted this, most of which just reminded people to leave snakes alone. Unless snakes feel threatened, they will most likely not come near you. 

Expect to See Snakes in East Texas 

When you’re in East Texas it’s not if you see a snake, it’s when you see one. They are common but if you can remain calm and keep your distance, you’re going to be fine. And remember snakes play an important part of a healthy ecosystem.  

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