Accidents happens. We get that. Some people deal with accidents in a not so right manner, like this particular DoorDash driver. Others, like Rodney King, Jr. of Detroit, get a good laugh out of it.

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**Let me preface this by saying this was not the fault of DoorDash as a company. Some will read this and think that. This was an accident that was handled improperly by one particular driver.**

Neither Rodney King, Jr. or his wife felt like cooking one night. As many will do, they decided to order some food to be delivered. Their order of choice this particular evening was pizza. It looks like it could have been Little Caesars but it's hard to tell in the video. We all get excited when we get that notification that the driver has arrived.

But King and his wife would not get the satisfaction of filling their bellies. The driver bringing their pizza spilled said pizza onto their porch and proceeded to scoop it back into the box.

Uh, gross.

The whole incident was captured on their doorbell camera. King had the same question we all had, "Why was the driver carrying the pizza vertically?" Gotta keep that box flat, man. You have to give King some props, too. He could have gone into a hangry rant but his good nature didn't let him. King filed a complaint with DoorDash who promptly handled the situation by refunding his order and deactivating the spilled pizza driver.

I don't think I would have had the same good nature as King had. He handled this with a laugh and a smile. The incident didn't even make him frown upon DoorDash, he said he would use them again.

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