Laugh if you want, but when I was a kid, I really loved to spell. In fact, I liked spelling so much, I even won my 5th grade spelling bee. I still do. That doesn't mean I'm always great at it, but it's fun to me and that's the point, right? (So, if you find a misspelled werd in this post, don't be too serprizd.)

I'll never forget the moment when I, just a silly random kid, stood face to face with the smartest girl in our grade as what would be the final word in the bee was announced. The word? Episode. E-P-I-S-O-D-E. The smartest girl in our class proceeded to begin her attempt at the word, and I just KNEW she had it. But, through some strange glitch in the academic matrix, she added an "a" instead of an "i," and the word was passed to me. Nailed it. The gym at Bastrop Intermediate School erupted into the type of tiny ovation that comes after a ten-year-old wins a small town spelling bee. I was elated.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I still can't believe I won a spelling bee in 5th grade. I still have the plaque and prized thesaurus I won in a memory box somewhere. Rock on, right? ;)

I still love to spell, although I don't always do it as well as I would like. You know what would make it extra fun? Attending a spelling bee at ETX Brewing Co. in downtown Tyler. How fun would it be to attempt to spell after a couple of local brews? On top of that, the proceeds of the event go to benefit the Tyler Public Library.

Well much to the joy of my bee-ting heart, that's exactly what's going down at ETX Brewing Co. in downtown Tyler, April 25 at 7 p.m. Bring your 18 and up friends, enjoy a beverage, and attempt to spell. Now I can't promise they'll be giving away a plaque or a super-sweet thesaurus, but there are prizes to be won. ;P Hope to see you there.

You can sign up now or at the event. More details here:

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