I'll never understand why someone would choose the life of being a drug dealer, putting themselves in harms way, and possibly losing your freedom all for a few dollars. There are so many other ways to make a living, and I'm guessing the suspect that has arrested this past weekend wishes he had picked a different path for his life. As Henderson, Texas police officers made a traffic stop which resulted in a large amount of drugs and a pistol being recovered.

I'm glad to report that no one was injured during the traffic stop that seized a large amount of Ecstacy, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone. The traffic stop took place on Saturday, January 8th in Mt. Enterprise as an officer with the Henderson Police Department was working with an interagency task force.

It Didn't Take Long for the Officer to Realize This Was More Than a Simple Traffic Stop

According to the officer who conducted the traffic stop there were clean indicators that were consistent with criminal activity. This lead the officer to ask for permission to search the vehicle which was granted. Throughout the search the officer found a pistol, 436 grams of Ecstasy, 149 grams of Oxycodone, and 43 grams of Hydrocodone. The driver was arrested immediately and transported to the Rusk County Jail.

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The Suspect is Now Facing Multiple Felony Charges

The suspect in this case in now facing one first degree felony charge, and two second degree felony charges all for the drugs found in the vehicle. There was another charge for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. As always, the suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

Thank you Henderson Police Department for keeping these drugs off the streets of East Texas.

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