Some thieves have great disguises, some crooks just aren't playing with a full deck. This guy's elevator doesn't go to the top floor. Enjoy this week's Dumb Crook of the Week, he's super special.

Actually this story is almost Robinhood-esque. I don't like shopping at Gamestop, especially if you're trading in a game. Yeah, you paid $60 for this game a month ago but we'll give you $10 to trade for something else. Gamestop are kinda thieves in their own right.

But I digress.

A gentleman broke into a St. Marys, Georgia Gamestop around 1:30 A.M. Friday, April 13 according to There's no word if he got away with anything but that's not the point. It's what he decided to "disguise" himself with - he covered his head with the plastic you find water bottles wrapped in.

Yes, it was around his head.

Even police got a good laugh out of this.

What's even better is he was in the same clothes he apparently had been wearing all day. Police manged to capture this image of the alleged thief from earlier in the day.

Moral of the story...don't shop at Gamestop but also, clear plastic around your head will not disguise your face.

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