An East Texas city police department has released information about an issue Texans have been dealing with more and more as of late - credit card skimming devices installed on gas station pumps.

On Wednesday (March 22), the Marshall Police Department issued a warning to the public about a more advanced version of credit card skimming devices than usual. Normally, you can tell there's a device attached on the outside of the card reader if you're looking for it. I routinely pull on the reader to make sure it's not tampered with when I pay for gas.

But Marshall PD discovered skimming devices placed inside the pump. One way to tell if there is a device in your gas pump is by enabling Bluetooth on your smartphone, says Marshall PD's Facebook post. Have it search for unusual signals and if there is one, stay away from that pump.

Marshall Police Facebook
Marshall Police Facebook

You can also pay at the register inside to avoid any chance of your card information being stolen, use a gas card or just keep a watchful eye on your bank account for unusual activity.

Marshall PD urges residents to report potential skimming devices if you come across one. You can reach them at 903-935-4575.

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