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Gather up the family for a holiday road trip to an East Texas Christmas light park.

Many families have traditions this time of the year. It could be taking Christmas morning pictures in pajamas, helping out at a local charity, gifting mystery gifts to support children in need and countless other ways. Another thing many families right here in East Texas do is take an annual trip to a Christmas light park.

These light parks have grown and expanded over the years and have increased in numbers around the area too. They will feature thousands, if not millions, of twinkling and steady burning lights to create some spectacular images. Some images are static while others are more animated. One of the images that will leave you mesmerized is the light tunnel. The tunnels can be rather long and feature quite the light show with twinkling lights all around you.

Lights, cut-out, animation and more.

Each park is unique, many of them came into existence and started out as a traditional family lighting event on their property that gained popularity and grew over time.. One park will feature nothing but lights and images created out of lights, while another will feature painted scenes of cut-out figures and yet another will have a combination of both styles.

Bring along the hot chocolate.

In addition to the hot chocolate for you and the kids, you'll want some Christmas cookies and have the heater going in the truck along with a full battery on your cell phone, because you are going to be taking a lot of pictures on this holiday road trip. Come along as we take a look at the most popular drive-thru Christmas light parks in East Texas.

East Texas Drive Thru Christmas Light Parks Provide Holiday Fun

Gather up the family for a holiday road trip to an East Texas Christmas light park.

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