There is no better feeling than knowing your children are safe. For parents that have no choice but to give their child up for adoption, this is something that can haunt them for years and years. Luckily for one East Texas woman, social media and a good Samaritan she has reconnected with the son she gave away 22 years prior.

Our friends over at KLTV traveled down to Lufkin to meet with Cherie Alvis, who gave up her son at 17 years of age. She tells that she was homeless, jobless, and that her baby became very ill. She made the courageous decision to give him up for adoption so that someone could give him life.

"It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life," said Alvis. "It was something I did not want to do but it was either give my son life with someone else, another family that could take care of him and actually give him an opportunity in life or to let him die in my arms with me."

Last week Cherie decided she wanted to find her son. She posted a picture of him as an infant asking for help. She asked everyone to spread the word. A stranger named Sherry Riley saw the post and knew she had to help. She got all of the information from Cherie and looked up the records of boys adopted with the same date of birth. She found four of them and automatically knew which was Cherie Alvarez's son.

Her now 22 year old son Clark was contacted and four days after the initial post made his own Facebook post. "Here I am mom" were the words written by Clark on his birth mother Cherie's Facebook timeline. Without hesitation Clark drove from Houston to Lufkin over the weekend to reunite with his birth mother.

"She basically had to have another family keep me alive and I'm proud of her for that,"said Clark. "I feel like everybody has to make hard choices at one point and some are harder than others. It's like 22 years later you meet your mom. It's like the most amazing thing in the world really."


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