Thinking back on February of 2021 in East Texas, it brings back nightmarish images of snow and ice along with temperatures that hovered, and even got below, zero. It wasn't fun for any of us warm weather enjoying folks, like myself, who is freezing when it drops into the 50's. So far, we've had a couple of cold mornings in East Texas but nothing that could produce ice or snow. With winter officially arriving on December 21, is there a chance in Texas to get some snow before the end of the year? Let's take a look.

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Winter Forecast for Texas

When looking at the usually accurate Farmer's Almanac, the forecast calls for above normal precipitation with colder than normal temperatures for Texas. This is because of the El Nino over the Pacific Ocean. The El Nino is also what caused the extremely hot temperatures we had over this past summer. El Nino can also be the cause of extremely cold temperatures and better chances of snow across Texas while the northern states could actually be warmer.

Understanding the Forecast

There is a lot of science speak in the article from but from I gather, the temperature of the El Nino region is above average. This means the threshold is "strong" to reach 2 degrees above normal. This will make the northern half of America warmer than normal this winter and the southern area colder than normal. We could also see above average precipitation in parts of Texas, especially in East Texas.


Chances of Snow in Texas to End 2023

With all that being said above, temperatures are expected to remain average for the rest of the month. That means that chances of a big snow event in Texas before the end of the year is pretty small. Some parts of the Texas panhandle have gotten some snow already this year, but it was only about an inch at the most and only lasted for about 36 hours.

So sorry, no white Christmas is expected for us in 2023 unless some rogue artic front surprises forecasters and plunges through Texas.

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