Well, it would appear that since becoming a Texan, Elon Musk is learning the way we do things here in the Lone Star State. Namely? BIGGER.

Not that Musk isn't known for doing BIG things. HUGE things. And of course, many of us are excited about the huge projects he has undertaken--from Tesla to Space X, and more--naturally, Texans are going to be just as excited, if not more, about what could be the hugest BBQ Texas has ever seen.

And based on what we've seen from Elon Musk in the past, frankly, we believe him.

For those who may not recall, after the huge 'Giga-fest' Tesla held over in Germany, Tesla went VIRAL. But now that Musk's new Austin, Texas Gigafactory is being constructed at this very moment, Musk says he plans to throw a huge party that honors the "everything is bigger in Texas" mantra.

And when you throw a huge party in Texas, there's a good chance BBQ is going to be involved.

And if it all comes to pass as many are anticipating, it could be the biggest ole' BBQ Texas has EVER seen. And that's really saying something. So when is this anticipated Gigafest here in Texas?

Speaking of that super sweet Model Y so many Tesla would-be fans can't stop talking about, Teslarati.com reports deliveries of the new vehicle will begin "soon."

Will you be heading down to Austin for what could turn out to be the biggest BBQ in Texas' history?

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