I sincerely wonder if every region gets as excited about new stores and restaurants as we do in East Texas. 

Maybe. But I sincerely doubt it. ;)

And although I sincerely wish I could announce unto you that we will FINALLY be getting that Costco in East Texas so many of us have long been hoping for--alas, that's not happening. At least not yet.

However, we're pretty happy to hear that the newest outdoor shopping area in Tyler, The Village at Cumberland Park, will be adding several new retail options over the next several months.

What specific stores are moving in to The Village at Cumberland Park in Tyler?

Sadly, we can't officially confirm that either.

TylerPaper.com reports that Thad Beckner, senior vice president for brokerage with The Retail Connection, declined to name specific businesses. However, he did say "his company is working with a couple of Tex-Mex restaurants, a retailer that focuses on babies and toddlers and a fitness center to locate in Cumberland Park, at 8926 S. Broadway Ave."

Woohoo! (Because to me, more Tex-Mex options are ALWAYS welcome.) And those other business genres sound pretty good, too. After all, the fitness center will be a logical next step after all of this Mexican food-eating.

Some are speculating that the store for babies and/or toddlers could possibly be a BuybuyBaby since it was discovered that the company lists Village at Cumberland Park as a location, though there *currently* isn't one there. Hmmm.

The fitness center is expected to open later this year or early next. Good. Just in time for all of those New Year's Resolutions we're planning on making and keeping for AT LEAST two weeks. ;)

What would you like to see come to East Texas? (Besides that Costco, of course.)

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