Recently, a woman posted in an online social media group forum regarding her trip to one of the McDonald's in Tyler, Texas.

Let's just say the experience left her asking..."Um...Where's the beef?" (See what I did there?) *nerd-alert*

ANYWAY. Here's the thing: Most of us in East Texas understand that even the national chain restaurants that have practically streamlined their ordering and prep procedures into a dependable baseline of what you'd expect when ordering there, situations like this remind us that even those places are run by human beings.

And what do we know about human beings?

We know that, despite the best of intentions, sometimes we make mistakes. And obviously, I don't need to tell you that our restaurants are dealing with supply chain issues and labor shortages. We get that. At the same time, when you order a hamburger from McDonald's, you generally feel confident that the hamburger will, the HAMBURGER.

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Shayne Rinehart Green of Tyler, TX said she'd gone through and ordered a couple of cheeseburgers with pickles and mustard, ONLY. Welp. She did, in fact, get two "cheeseburgers" with pickles and mustard only. Buuuut they also left off the part that makes them actual burgers. Like--no beef.

Granted, in the grand scheme of things, this isn't something to get seriously upset over. But when you're tired and hungry and get home to discover you'll be eating bread and pickles for dinner, that may be at least slightly annoying. 

However, Shayne made it quite clear in her post that she found it way too hilarious to actually be mad at the situation.

She said she feels what most likely happened is that they were short-staffed and began "panic-burgering." (LOL, this is one of my new favorite phrases.) 

Bottom-line? This is funny and frustrating, for sure. However, we love Shayne's attitude about the whole thing. Cuz really, at the end of the day, if this is the worst thing that happens to us today, life is pretty good.

It's also a reminder to be a little more patient right now like Shayne was. Everyone, mostly, is doing the best they can in the midst of the world's current madness.

And who knows? Maybe burgers with pickles and mustard and cheese will become the hottest new food trend. ;)

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