Families all over the world have Christmas traditions that they look forward to each year - whether it be gift exchanging, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling or anything else, it wouldn't be Christmas without it.

In my family, everyone has their own favorite traditions that they look forward to each year. From the baking to the decorating, and the traveling to the family time, everyone has their own aspect about Christmas they love the most. My personal favorite is hanging lights on the house.

To clarify, I am not one of those people who decorates the entire house with lights everywhere. I just love the way houses look with a simple roof line of lights when you drive past at night.

Each year, my dad and I pull the lights out of the attic and grab the tallest ladders we own to hand the lights. We've got the system down to an art now - we store the lights in the same order that we hang them on the house and we know exactly which extension cords run where. We can have the lights hung on the whole house in less than two hours if we actually focus on it, and that's counting the time we use to check all the bulbs too!

On the other hand, this is also my least favorite Christmas tradition because taking them down is such a sad event. I'm not one to have Christmas lights out all year, but I do love them around Christmastime. When the time comes to take them down, it just reminds me that Christmas is over and I have to go back to reality. Luckily, it's not time to take the lights down yet (especially considering they aren't even hung yet!).

And if you need a little inspiration to get your Christmas lights hung this year, be sure to watch 'Deck the Halls!' It's a classic!

Share your favorite Christmas traditions with us in the comment box below! We'd love to hear what you and your family look forward to each year!


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