Looking for a road trip right here in East Texas that offers something a bit out of the ordinary? Are you fascinated by tales and ponderings regarding the supernatural? Welp. We found just the thing for you.

For just $59, you can can join this brave group as they engage in an all-night investigation of what many consider to be one of the most haunted building in East Texas--The Museum for East Texas Culture in Palestine.

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Hosted by Haunted Rooms America, you and other courageous souls will spend the overnight hours delving into the compelling history of this former school. The reports of paranormal activity connected with this place have drawn many visitors over the years. These reports have come from those who've worked in the building, visitors, and naturally the teams who delve into the paranormal that have spent time here.

What are some of the most common things reported? You may wanna ask about the spirit of a young boy named Johnny, who was seen by a young girl. Or perhaps about workers discovering missing items over the years with no feasible explanation.

Are there some kind of spiritual entities connected to some of the many historical artifacts found here? After all, the school (which the museum formerly was) was operating as such from 1916 through 1976. What was on this land prior to the building of the school? A plantation.

Oh and don't forget to ask about the Grey Lady.

You'll learn quite a bit about the stories surrounding the museum, as well as learn some of the most basic techniques the paranormal teams use in their investigations. There will be a psychic medium present and there are pre-planned vigils in the schedule.

Ready to buy your tickets? Do that here. And uh, let us know how it went upon your return. You're a brave soul, aren't you?

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