UPDATE: 1/28/21 - 5:00 p.m.

Jason Collier has resigned from his position as police chief in Stinnett, Texas. To make matters worse, he was also arrested by Texas Rangers. We've got the full story for you here.

UPDATE: 1/28/21

And just like that, we've got an update to this increasingly disturbing story. The City of Stinnett has released a statement in regard to Stinnett Police Chief Jason Collier.

After allegations surfaced surrounding his multiple affairs, Collier has been placed on administrative leave.

The City of Stinnett says he may have violated city policy. The city says it is taking the matter seriously and his actions are under investigation.

city report

Of course, social media has taken this story and completely run with it. There's now a Facebook page called 'Jason Collier Netflix Series' - I'm guessing as a petition of sorts to get this crazy Texas narrative written for our own entertainment.

Can you blame them?


Yikes. This week is not off to the best start for a police chief in Stinnett, Texas. He's actually under fire from many locals after his alleged mistress exposed his wrongdoings on a Facebook post - and as you can imagine, it went viral.

For one, I feel terrible for the women that have been caught up in a such a thing. But nothing good comes from a married man on a dating app. So, let me catch you up.

Our buddy Jason Collier here was appointed to the Stinnett Police Department as their new chief in February of 2020. Collier was a police sergeant with the Borger Police Department with 21 years of law enforcement experience. Sounds like he was great for that position.

When Stinnett PD made the announcement, they also made sure to mention that Collier was married, has four children, and is also an ordained minister. With me so far?

Fast-forward now to Tuesday, January 26, where the Facebook world hears from a woman claiming to be Collier's girlfriend. After realizing that she was caught in an entire lie, she left a 'review' on the City of Stinnett's Facebook page that derailed Collier's week:

Chief Jason Collier is living a double/triple life. I was his girlfriend until yesterday. He lied to me and presented me with fake annulment documents when I found out he was married. I also found out about a 2nd girlfriend, Kristi, last night. He has lied to us, our children, and asked us both to marry him. He is a poor representative of your town. He would also visit me in Amarillo when he was on shift. We just returned from vacation in Taos on Sunday - meanwhile, his other GF was told he was on work assignment in Portland, OR.

Yikes. A police chief that allegedly falsified documents - it doesn't look like luck is on his side with this one.

Let me make it clear that the City of Stinnett, nor the police department, has acknowledged Collier's behavior as of this writing. In fact, the Stinnett Police Department's Facebook page has been taken down.

It's not clear whether or not the scandal will be addressed. But the pressure from the public may say otherwise.

I took it upon myself to check out the rest of the reviews on the City of Stinnett's Facebook page, and they speak for themselves:

Until they handle the fact that their Chief of Police was caught not only cheating on his wife but engaged to TWO other...

Posted by Abbie Jarma on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The fact that the police chief is THAT skilled at manipulation is a monumental problem. Imagine the things he could do in his position with that inclination.

I'd be hesitant to even drive through this town.

Posted by Tom Pritchett on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The chief of police is an awful example of the city. He’s a liar, and a cheater. If he can’t be faithful and honest about his relationship, how can we trust him to handle crime and abide by the law?

Posted by Shannon Perez on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I'll keep an eye out for you - this whole thing just isn't a good look. I'm sorry for all the women involved, including Collier's wife. We'll see what happens from here, because the tea is PIPING hot.

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