The namesake of one my favorite fast food places has passed away at the age of 95.

KWCH-TV reports that Freddy Simon, after whom Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is named, died Sunday, October 25.

According to the Freddy's USA website, the restaurant chain was founded in 2002 by brothers Bill and Randy Simon along with their business partner, Scott Redler. The brothers named their new venture after their father, who served in the Pacific during World War II where earned a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.

Freddy considered himself "the luckiest man in the world", and is quoted as having said, "Smile, even though times get tough occasionally. It is a proven fact that smiling adds at least 7 years to your life."

The man made it to the ripe old age of 95, so he must have taken his own advice.

Aside from his military service, Freddy had a lot to be proud of. The Wichita Eagle's Denise Neil reports that Freddy's sons achieved huge success in the restaurant industry before founding Freddy's, and his sons had so much love for him that they decided to not only name their business after him as they struck out on their own, but to bring his dream to life while doing it.

According to the Eagle's report, Freddy had always wanted to open a restaurant specializing in the sort of burgers his parents made during the Great Depression, which were smashed flat and thin.

I have to admit that I had never even heard of Freddy's before it debuted here in Temple, but when they came to town they were kind enough to invite the staff of the radio station out to sample their food before opening night. I was instantly hooked, and Freddy's is one of my go-to places when I don't feel like cooking or I'm craving one of their brownie sundae concretes.

While it's sad to see that Freddy has passed away, I think he's left behind a legacy any father could be proud of. Freddy, if you're somehow reading this in the great beyond, thank you for your service and for the good advice.

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