Getting home after a long work day to see my dogs is always a highlight of my day. No matter what stress the workday brings, these animals are just excited for you to walk through the door so they can show you unconditional love. We are so lucky to have dogs and cats and if you’re looking to add a furry family member this month you might be able to make it happen with just a simple dog food donation. 

The City of Tyler posted on their website about Tyler Animal Services offering free adoptions with a donation throughout the month of May. It’s to help restock the Pet Food Bank, with a donation of two bags of dog food 35-pounds or larger they will waive adoption fees for a dog or a cat. Tyler Animal Shelter is located at 4218 Chandler Hwy. Or you can call them to learn more about the program at (903)535-0045.

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What Does a Normal Adoption Cost at Tyler Animal Control? 

The standard adoption fee is $120 for dogs and $80 for cats. All animals that are adopted from Tyler Animal Services is spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated prior to leaving the facility. There are currently 15 animals waiting for their new home but the number of animals and variety of breeds change all the time so when you’re ready to know more click here for the available animals. 

What Is the Pet Food Bank in Tyler, Texas? 

The Pet Food Bank was created in 2015 to assist pet owners who could not afford food for their pets. Many times, when people want to surrender a pet it’s due to cost so the pet food collected goes to assist those going through a short-term financial hurdle.  

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