When you're planning the perfect heist, making dinner and taking a nap doesn't sound like the best of options during said heist. For a Georgia man, he really didn't have a plan, he was just hungry and tired.

A man climbed through the drive thru window of a Taco Bell near Atlanta, decided he had time to heat up some meat and beans to make a late night dinner then take a nap on the floor in the kitchen according to KLTV.

So you're probably thinking, "If that's all he did, maybe we'll give him a pass." That'll be a "no". After his three hour nap, he left the store with a laptop and tablet.

I don't necessarily think this qualifies as a dumb crook. More like a weird crook. Was his reasoning for breaking just that he was hungry and tired? Did he need the nap to rest up for taking the laptop and tablet? Who knows.

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