It's almost time to snuggle up on the couch with some Thin Mints and forgive ourselves for polishing off an entire sleeve in one sitting.  Girl Scout cookie pre-sales are on now.

Sucking on a Tagalong until the cookie part melts in your mouth and mixes perfectly with the chocolate and peanut butter makes for a pretty great night.   And Thin Mints in the freezer!  Don't even get me started.

Wide Open Eats broke it down state-by-state and said the Thin Mint is the favorite Girl Scout cookie in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico choose the coconut-caramel Samoa.  But, why pick just one, really, when we can help the Girl Scouts with the entrepreneurial pursuits by ordering six or thirteen boxes.  It's all for a good cause.

There are several booth locations over the next few weeks that will have the cookie sales, but Scouts are selling cookies in-person leading up to that.  Girl Scouts can sell cookies in person now, and families are also allowed to set up booths in front of local restaurants for the next week or so.  Starting January 29th, girls can be part of Troop Booth Sales and Council Booth Sales with local partners like grocery stores.

To find a local scout and order cookies, click HERE.

I sold Girl Scout cookies as a kid, and it really was exciting to learn the process, practice budding business skills, and experience tiny bits of success.  Now is a great time to help East Texas Girl Scouts with their goals, and come up with a huge stash of cookies for the freezer too.  Oh, and the peanut buttery Do-Si-Dos dunked in coffee...thanks, Scouts!

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