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Last weekend, Michelle Cahal, owner of an African Spurred Tortoise named ChaCha, noticed he had escaped from his enclosure according to KLTV.

The family is asking for the public's help in locating him.

He roams a four acre, enclosed area on their property but found a gap under the fence they believe he squeezed through.

Longview Animal Control Officer Chris Kemper told KLTV, "Most of the time animals are going to stay within a geographical range and we're talking about an animal that a doesn't move very fast, and needs certain resources. It's going to look for food, it's going to look for water." He continued, "Most of the time when people lose exotic pets like this, they're very close to where they escaped from. Humans represent more danger to them than most other things."

If you see ChaCha, notify local animal control, local law enforcement or the family to get him back home.

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