East Texas is so beautiful. All of Texas is beautiful, each region in its own way, but something about the countryside here is truly breathtaking in some areas. But it's not just the landscape that's beautiful now.

As our communities become more mindful of the power of art and beauty in our city-scapes, even just driving around our neighborhoods and downtown areas can be inspiring and uplifting in their beauty.

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We see beauty in our architecture, in the way East Texas cities are paying more attention to public spaces--and that the beautiful and captivating art at Hillside Park at 1111 E. Erwin Street, east of downtown Tyler.

There's been an ongoing artistic endeavor to further beautify this lovely Tyler City Park over the last several years. Last year, they had an official unveiling of these works of art to the public. Wow, we have some incredibly talented people here in East Texas.

While the weather is lovely, I highly encourage you to grab the family and head over to see it in person. As of now, the art wall is only going to be up until 2023.

And while you're there, of course, you can enjoy the various recreational amenities  there including picnic areas and pavilions, soccer fields, basketball and multipurpose courts. And of course, the playground itself was renovated back in 2019.

And don't forget you can rent the picnic areas and pavilions for your own get-togethers. If you're interested, check out the Rentals page and/or call 903-531-1374.

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