He's back into that Hard Metal again. Don't worry though, Cody Jinks isn't leaving country behind. If you hadn't heard this fall Jinksy will be releasing two album; one country and one metal. Today Jinks hit us with a first listen of the new metal project from Caned by Nod.

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Late last spring Jinks announced his new "country" album Mercy. Specifying it as country seemed odd at the time, because of course it was going to be country. Everything became much clearer when we learned that the Fort Worth native was fronting a new metal band, Caned By Nod. This side project would too be releasing a new album, and this "metal" album would be titled None The Wiser.

I know, it's hard to keep up.

And if you're concerned about Cody's artistic endeavors, don't be. Ward Davis isn't. In fact Davis was the one who got to announce the upcoming project from his pal. Back in June he joined a Cody Jinks fan page and shared this:

As many of you may have figured out by now, Caned By Nod, is the musical love child that Cody has spawned with the 10,000 snakes in his head. I knew Cody had been talking about this “Metal Record,” for several years, but figured he was maintaining a level of sanity and objectivity to keep him from completely going off the deep end, and entertaining his little wet dream.
I mean, Cody’s our guy, right?
This is the voice, and the songs, that me, and you, and every other true country music fan has been waiting for for years. Jinks came along, and swung the door wide open for guys like me, and gave us all a reason to believe that country music was alive and well in the ears of the fans that needed that music so badly. What the hell must he be thinking to step outside our little world to create something so far from such a pure form of American art?
Well, I don’t know what he was thinking, because after I heard the “metal record,” in the studio, I realized there was more to my friend than I would ever know, because the music he created for this Caned by Nod project, is a FUCKING MASTERPIECE.
There. I said it.
There are layers to this dude, man. I sat on the couch at Sonic Ranch with my jaw on the floor for about an hour, as my ole pal blew my mind, over, and over, and over again. I like to think the music Cody and I have made together was some of his best, as I know it is some of mine. But this shit blows everything out of the water. I have no idea what the plans are for this record. All I can tell you is that I heard the record top to bottom, and it is literally one of the greatest things I have ever heard. When this mysic starts trickling out, you will all find out what I suspected, and now know for sure. Cody Jinks is a goddamn genius, and the world is in for one hell of a treat. - Ward Davis

Jinks has already informed fans that he will be incorporating his new metal songs when he hits the road this September.

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