One woman in Longview, TX took to social media to make a heartfelt plea with drivers, and reading it is probably a good reminder for all of us.

It just seems like it's always been pretty commonplace to make jokes about breaking traffic laws. We all laugh about speeding, ignoring stop lights, rolling through stop signs; like we forget that folks do get hurt when we don't follow road laws.

Hazel B. wrote in the All Things Longview Facebook group that four members of her immediate family have been hit by a driver who ran a red light at the exact same intersection.

Like many others she sees this as a major problem in Longview, "Red light running, in Longview has become second nature," she writes. "I was in a wreck, after a guy ran a red light on Friday. I watch at least two people a day run red lights."

Here's her entire post:

Red light running, in Longview, has become second nature. I was in a wreck, after a guy ran a red light, on Friday. I watch at least two people a day run red lights, I drive for a living in town every day, it has gotten out of hand.We could have died because he was distracted or just in a hurry. So PLEASE PAY ATTENTION & OBEY THE LAWS AND WAIT FOR YOUR TURN TO GO. Safety depends upon you.

Reading through the comments section on her post, and Shlonda M.'s comment really stuck out. She reminded folks to pause for a moment after your light turns green. "DO NOT TAKE OFF AS SOON AS THE LIGHT CHANGES... Waiting for a bit and being aware just might save your lives."

Aware of this escalating problem, local law enforcement launched Operation: Pump The Brakes in May. Longview PD is stepping up enforcement for speeding, red-light running, and racing within the city. The goal is to make the city's roads safer by going back to basics and enforcing speed limits and traffic control devices that have been in place for years.

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