Sometimes you just don't know how you're going to impact others, which is why it's so important to stay positive and be nice. There was a heartwarming story that I found on a Lindale, Texas social media group that was so incredible that I had to share it with you. It all started at the Lindale, Texas Walmart when this couple did something that will be remembered for many years.

A woman and her daughter were in the checkout line and a sweet older couple came behind them to check out items as well. As most East Texans do, they started engaging in small talk mostly about the upcoming holidays and how excited everyone was to be surrounded by friends and family.

That's When the Generosity Began at the Lindale Walmart

When the woman turned around she saw that the couple had placed a $100 bill down to pay for the woman's groceries and items, but she repeatedly refused. That's when the man grabbed the $100 bill and handed it to the little daughter and said, "Merry Christmas". Obviously, that sent the mom into tears and she hugged the couple.

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What This Couple Didn't Know When They Made the Sweet Gesture

The woman and child waiting in line are missing their husband and father as he is active duty military and plans to come home next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. This couple just filled up the gas tank for this family, and drastically changed the upcoming holidays for this family. This woman wants to send a huge THANK YOU to whoever the couple was, as she had never met them before. But it's stories like this, and great people like this that remind us how lucky we are to live in East Texas where things like this still happen.

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