One of the weird things about living in Texas is that ice cream is always an option for dessert. Doesn't matter if it's 100 degrees or 32 degrees, we can always go for a bowl or a cone of ice cream. One of Texas' favorite ice cream companies is Blue Bell. The Brenham, Texas creamery has been churning out delicious ice cream flavors since 1907. Yesterday (October 9), we got the announcement of a cool ( I always intend my puns) collaboration between Blue Bell and Texas based jeweler James Avery. It's a charm that is both cute and delicious.

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James Avery and Their Texas Collaborations

This isn't the first time that James Avery has come together with another Texas based business. James Avery has been producing various charms with Whataburger for several years now. Those charms include a drinking cup, spicy and regular ketchup, a box of french fries and a couple of others that are Whataburger themed. If you have a charm bracelet full of the Whataburger charms, adding this Blue Bell charm only makes sense.

The sweetest collaboration! Our NEW Blue Bell Ice Cream charm from <span class="xt0psk2">James Avery Artisan Jewelry</span> is now in stores. - Blue Bell on Facebook

Blue Bell Charm

It is very cute and very simple. It's a basic Blue Bell ice cream carton in silver with bronze for the rim of the lid. It retails for $88 and can be found either in store at James Avery, at or at

Early Christmas Shopping

I know we haven't made to Halloween yet but if you're looking at doing some early Christmas gift shopping, this could make for a cool stocking stuffer. If you haven't seen the Whataburger charms, they are pretty cute as well. You can see them HERE.

James Avery + Blue Bell Charm

This is a match of a a favorite jeweler of many Texans and Texan's favorite ice cream that is as cute as it is delicious.

Gallery Credit: Blue Bell via Facebook

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