Downtown Tyler is coming up roses as evidenced by the two boutique hotels currently under renovation.

The rose capital of the world will be home to two unique boutique hotels soon. One will be on the square in a former restaurant and the other is a former Greyhound bus station on the corner of Locus and Boi D’Arc Avenue. We’re seeing growth in retail downtown, and now hotels in the area will assist revitalization efforts.

“We have a great core of dining and entertainment options with two craft breweries, two local coffee shops, two fine dining establishments with corresponding bars, a live music venue, a frozen custard place and many other dining options,” Bergfeld told the Tyler Paper. “I feel like we have finally passed the tipping point where someone could make it a weekend visiting the downtown area alone.”

Though the floor plan is still being finalized the first floor will hold a complimentary entertainment space, possibly a restaurant, bakery or lounge, according to Andy Bergfeld. Bergfeld is the president of Bergfeld Realty. He also told the Tyler Paper that the plans include about 10 hospitality suites.

The project will take a little longer than most, as the project is applying for historic tax credits. One timeline suggests the hotel could be completed in September of this year.

He told the Tyler Paper, “For us to have a thriving downtown, we need to tap into the tourism industry and to do that we need some overnight lodging with some character,” he said. “We have been looking at different buildings for the last 10 years or so that would be a good fit, and when we saw the original apartments upstairs, together with the history of the building as the transportation hub of the city for many years, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

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