Thanks to those pink ribbons, firetrucks, and football uniforms, October's focus on creating awareness about breast cancer has made a difference. I'm grateful for that. I'm sure, like me, you either know someone dear to you or you yourself have been affected breast cancer.

Obviously we can't know with certainty whether or not we will someday receive this diagnosis, but there are definitely some important steps we can take to do our best to increase our chances of protection. We've heard many of these before, but they are certainly worth repeating.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the best things we can do to lower are risk are to limit the amount of alcohol we drink, quit smoking, keep our weight at a healthy level, exercise regularly, limit and/or minimize the doses and duration of hormone therapy, and do our best to avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollutants.

There is also a growing opinion that our diets may have an important protective effect, as well.

Ready to learn more? Here's a follow up article from the Mayo Clinic on prevention. Want to delve more into some thoughts on the effect of diet on our risk? has one you can check out here.

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