The last thing a 7-year old needs is to lug around a 20-pound backpack all day, and doctors are warning that a school backpack can lead to life-long problems if it's too heavy.  Are Tyler school supply lists going to cause any issues?

My daughter came home after day one of school and said her obliques hurt.  What?!  That had to be the most unexpected, oddball thing I've ever heard after asking that standard, "How was your day," but I guess it's better than "Fine."  At least there was some information attached.  Her obliques are going to be rock-solid after a year of carrying around a heavy backpack at school, and honestly, it makes me want to load one up and carry it around all day at work.  It's a good core exercise.

It can be dangerous for kids if their backpack is too heavy, and there is one rule that parents can follow that will draw a line and help us know when too many binders and pens have been crammed in there.  A child's backpack should weigh no more than ten percent of a child's body weight, according to Healthline.  So, if your fifth grader weighs 100 pounds, the backpack should weigh no more than 10 pounds.  It might feel a little weird to put the kids and the backpacks on the scale before they head out the door, but I'm totally doing it.  They'll thank us later.

I checked out Tyler school supply lists, and it could be a close call.  This is a glimpse of the Tyler High School list, as an example:

1- Composition book
1 pkg. markers
glue bottles/glue sticks
1- Scissors
2- pkg. of pencils
1- pkg. of colored pencils
300 pk. of notecards
2- Highlighters
1- pkg. of red pens
2- pkg. of loose-leaf notebook paper
1- Binder with dividers

That's just one class!  And other Tyler High classes have similar supply lists.  Hopefully, most of the supplies can be dropped off in the classrooms instead of lugged around all day.

My middle schooler has to keep everything in her backpack because they're not doing lockers this year. If the kids have to pack gym clothes, shoes, lunch, snacks, and a phone, that can add weight in a hurry.  The worry is that kids will develop back pain over time if the backpack is too heavy.

What about the rest of us?  If you're an active, outdoorsy adult who likes to hike, that type of backpack can be a little heavier, according to Healthline.  Adults can carry backpacks up to 20 percent of their body weight without any ill effects.

It's gonna be a great year, and it will be even better if the backpack on the light side.  Chips and muffins don't weigh that much right?  There will always be room for snacks.

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