If you've ever been a victim of theft in Texas, you know how unsettling it is. As safe and secure as you've made the area around you, knowing that someone got around that and entered your home, into your car, your work desk and took something that belonged to you makes you doubt yourself. We are advised to never confront someone if they are caught red handed stealing from us but to call the police immediately. In some instances, however, an alleged victim of theft will feel the need to take matters into their own hands. That happened recently in Humble, Texas but had a tragic outcome.

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Alleged Theft in Humble

At around 2 a.m. Sunday, February 18, an unknown man allegedly stole a barbecue pit from a residence in Humble. The homeowner witnessed this theft and drove after the suspect in his own vehicle. A short distance later, the homeowner was able to confront the alleged thief. During this confrontation, the homeowner saw a second man in the vehicle and believed he was reaching for a weapon. "Fearing for his safety" the homeowner opened fire and killed the driver.

The passenger of the vehicle was not shot nor has been charged with any crime as of this writing (Thursday, February 22). The homeowner was detained and was said to have fully cooperated with the investigation.

In the Hands of a Grand Jury

Once the full investigation is complete, all statements and evidence will be turned over to a grand jury to determine what, if any, charges will be filed.

Statements About the Incident

The Harris County Sheriff's Office gave detailed statements into what transpired on both Facebook and X. You can read those statements below:

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