Thanksgiving night, after the Cowboys win over the Washington Redskins, I headed out, for the first time ever, and took advantage of some Black Friday shopping. Many of you are experts at this night of sales so this story will most likely make you laugh at my rookie night.

I went to Walmart on South Broadway. The sales started at 6 p.m., I know, but I had to finish the Cowboys game. I got there around 7 p.m. I have never seen every parking spot being used in that lot. Somehow, I found a spot as soon as I entered.

The crowd inside was insane. Apparently, there was a traffic flow to get around that I didn't follow at first, which got me a couple of looks. Sorry to the veteran shoppers. I didn't see a single fight, either, which was somewhat disappointing. Everyone was super cordial. I bumped into someone. I apologized and they laughed about it. I got bumped into, too, but I laughed it off.

I didn't have a big list, pick up a Playstation 4 game for my nephew and a new Playstation 4 controller for myself. The controllers were on sale for $40. I won't mention the game I picked up for my nephew, because I don't want him to stumble on this and spoil the Christmas surprise. His game was normally priced $59.99 but was marked down to $39.99. I picked up Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for myself. It was marked down to $29.99 and there was only one copy left.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

I came back the next day and found the Blu-ray and the discounted game rack I missed the night before. I picked up Spiderman: Homecoming for $4, Logan for $5 (which, to my surprise, had the black and white version, too) and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for $12.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

So yeah, I did a lot of shopping for myself but I already had my gifts for my sister and parents. I just have my niece left.

Will I do it again? Probably. I think I'll have it a bit more planned out next time and will visit more than one store.