If you've ever driven I-20 East from Grand Prairie to Duncanville, you've no doubt passed the huge Texas turf flag in the center median at Mountain Creek Parkway.  Well, now it's gone.

Growing up in Grand Prairie, I've driven by this spot thousands of times and the flag has become some what of a tourist and locals attraction. TxDOT has announced that the iconic flag, placed there as a Boy Scout project approximately six years ago, has become a dangerous selfie spot.  Because there is no official exit or entrance ramp, people trekking to the site must exit I-20 to the left to a dirt road and then get back on I-20 without an acceleration lane into 60 m.p.h. traffic. According to NBC 5 in Dallas, TxDOT has already removed the flag and the City of Grand Prairie will retain control of the flag material and store it safely until it can be placed in a more permanent safer location.