Some of ya'll probably dry heaved just from the headline alone. That's ok because Bubba's nose gets to entertain us.

Bubba was blindfolded while Patrick opened a can of Spam, two cans of dog food and a can of Vienna Sausages. He had to guess which one was not the dog food. If he guessed wrong, then he had to eat it.

His first smell taste was a can of dog food. Next he sniffed one of his favorite snacks, Vienna Sausages. His third smell test was Mighty Dog dog food. Bubba guessed that can was Spam.

He was wrong.

Bubba took his plastic fork in hand and tried his punishment. He seemed to enjoy it, too.

But, as can happen with a challenge, there was a twist. This was nothing but a rouse to get Bubba to eat dog food. The proverbial wool had been pulled over his eyes.

We enjoyed the laugh, however. Thanks Bubba.

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