It's that time of year again. Big D and Bubba bring in the eggs, place the logo of each team participating in the Superbowl on the eggs, place them in a microwave and the surviving egg will be that year's Superbowl winner. This has been crazy accurate, too. In the 20 years they have done this, their record is 18-2.

This year included three eggs, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots and a referee, because Bubba is still salty about the Saints loss because of that awful missed call. (Notice the asterisk by the Rams logo.)

All three eggs are placed on a plate. The game is in Atlanta this year so they'll be playing in a domed stadium. A second plate is placed on top to simulate the dome. Next, they are put in a microwave and five minutes is set on the timer.

Now we wait.

There was some serious exploding of the eggs going on with this "game". Both the referee egg and the New England Patriots burst. So, by decision of the Eggbowl, the Los Angeles Rams will be Superbowl LIII champions.

We'll find out Sunday if the Eggbowl record improves to 19-2.

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