Ok, East Texas. We just went over this - we're ALMOST out of 2020. Can we chill out with the craziness? Remember this guy (click that link for the story)?

Anyway, we have another person behind bars for doing something that doesn't make a whole bunch of sense to me. First of all, I can't stand a thief. People work hard for what they have (especially this year), and it takes a low-life to just waltz in and take what they want. Shame on you.

A Tyler woman is learning that lesson the hard way after she decided she was going to steal a 1937 Packard convertible from a storage unit on Shiloh Road.

44-year-old Latoshia Evette White, whose mugshot you can see above, along with her boyfriend stole the car from the storage unit, THEN White made a pretty bonehead move in selling it on Facebook. What?

If you're going to steal something - especially something the size of a CAR - you probably shouldn't sell it on Facebook. According to the Smith County Sheriff's Office, White used her personal (again...what?) Facebook page to sell the car worth $45,000 to a man in Henderson for $2000.

White was arrested and is currently being held on $250,000 bond in the Smith County Jail. There are no details regarding her boyfriend facing any charges.

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