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Judging from the information that the Gregg County Sheriff's office released throughout the weekend, authorities in Gregg County were out patrolling and making our roads safer this weekend. Longview Police made several arrests involving driving under the influence, driving without a license, and uninsured motorists, and then there were three individuals arrested for something I hadn't seen in a while, racing on a highway.

Kilgore Police, White Oak Police, Gregg County Sheriff's deputies, and other agencies made arrests this past weekend that landed 34 people in jail.

As you would expect, possession, family violence, burglary, and public intoxication, arrests top the list of charges placed against the following individuals. There were a couple of suspects that were arrested for out-of-the-ordinary reasons. One lady was arrested for illegal dumping of materials greater than 1000 pounds or 200 cubic feet. Then there was an individual arrested for illegal burning, in addition to being charged with other offenses. This guy has to know that burning of any kind is illegal in East Texas right now, right?

Still prominent on the list of arrests is driving under the influence or intoxicated. Nearly one-fifth of the arrests were for this offense this past weekend. Here's a friendly reminder - it's ok to go out, party, have a good time, and have a few drinks, but know when you've had enough and your judgment is impaired and when it's time to call someone for a ride home.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

While these individuals may have been arrested, each of them is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law. Some suspects are still behind bars waiting on a bond to be set, while others have posted bond or were released and are now waiting for their day in court to arrive.

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Criminals do not take the weekend off. Those who drink and drive do not take the weekend off. Those who get upset and take their anger out on family members do not take the weekend off. Because of those incidents and others, Gregg County law enforcement was kept busy last weekend.

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