One year ago, I smoked my last cigarette. It was the best decision of my life. So, how's it going after one year?

The short far, so good.

I'll admit there has been the occasion that I have wanted to stop and grab a pack because a craving popped up. But I didn't and the craving past. I'll be honest, I'm writing this now and have a small craving popping up just writing about it. It will pass and I'll be good.

How did I come to this decision? I got sick last January. Just some congestion and crud like what can pop up this time of year. I went outside to smoke and when I inhaled, I had a sharp pain go into my lungs. That was the moment I knew this wasn't worth it anymore. I sat 'em down until I was better and over the following two weeks, I finished off the two packs I had left.

I had started going to the gym on a regular basis already so keeping that regime certainly helped. I did put on about thirty pounds that I still have not been able to burn off.

I do like the fact that I have extra money. At the time, a pack was roughly six dollars. I smoked about six packs a week. So $36 a week, $144 a month, I can use for something else more worth while.

Did I use any stop smoking aides or start vaping? No and no. I guess I never gave my will power enough credit.

If you're thinking about quitting, you've made the first step. Don't get discouraged, either, if you've quit and picked them up again. I've done it myself but this time it's been permanent. I'm sure the cravings will continue but I will continue ignoring them.

And no, I haven't turned into one of those that fake coughs or gives dirty looks to a smoker near me. I enjoyed smoking and I know you do. I still like the smell of smoke, too. So if I stand beside you and sniff, I'm not being weird, just taking in the smell.

Fell free to reach out to me through my email,, if you need some encouragement if you are wanting to stop or have stopped smoking. I'll be more than happy to help you.

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