I wrote in February about my decision to quit smoking and how I came about that decision. I want to say "Thank you" for all the well wishes and good vibes as I began this new moment in my life.

So...have all the well wishes and good vibes worked? Yes.


It has both gotten easier and harder, though. I'll explain.

It's gotten easier because the habit of smoking isn't there as much anymore. Get in the car, light up. Take the dog for a walk, light up. Get bored, light up.

Even when I've gone out to enjoy a beer or two, the habit has gotten easier to break.

But I've also run into, when those beers are done, thinking "A smoke would be nice." Luckily, I've talked myself down from that.

During setup of this year's Red Dirt BBQ and Music Fest, I finished a couple of big jobs. The usual habit after finishing a big job, light one up. I had that pretty bad but once again fought off the temptation.

I have experienced a little weight gain, which was to be expected. But I'm still going to the gym so the weight gain wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Overall, I'm glad I stopped. I very much enjoyed smoking but it was time. I feel better, I have more money and it's just nice to not have that crutch.

Thank you again for the well wishes and keep 'em coming. The struggle is not as bad as it once was but it's still there. It is much appreciated.



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