I told you a couple weeks ago about the rarity of me getting sick and developing severe chest congestion, prompting me to decide to quit smoking. So, how's it going?

The short answer...so far, so good.

I've come very close a couple of times to picking up a pack just because the cravings got that bad. I've haven't used any of the stop smoking aides like the gum or lozenges but I have found other ways to put those cravings to rest.

One way has been laziness believe it or not. A couple of those intense cravings happened while I was at home. There is a gas station across the street from my apartment. I can walk there in about five minutes. I just didn't want to get off the couch and walk over there. I found something else to do to get my mind off of it.

How am I feeling? I can already take in fuller breathes then I could before. That's nice. Working out is helping that too, it seems, with the controlled breathing that goes with exercising.

I will say, when I've had those lulls here at the station, the go to was to go smoke. It's weird not having that crutch and has helped me find ways to be more productive.

On a side note, I inadvertently participated in the Dry January challenge. I mean inadvertently because I went the first half of the month not thinking about having anything to drink. Then I got sick and stopped smoking and just decided to continue the stretch of no drinking.

February 1st, I had my first drink of the year. When I drink, I smoke about twice as much as normal. When I had those drinks, I surprisingly didn't get the over whelming feeling to smoke.

This has definitely been an interesting journey. But a journey I'm enjoying so far. Especially since I actually have extra money to do stuff since I'm not spending $30 - $35 a week on smokes.

I'll keep you updated. And I want you to keep the good vibes, prayers, well wishes, whatever you can do coming to me as I continue on this path to a smoke free life.

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